XXPornHD - Video Adult - Themes Script PHP - Video Encoding, With our script you can create your own profitable adult video website that supports videos, photos, categories, channels, models, premium, user communities and works on all devices! Get started in minutes!


Notes :
❖ Script Installation & Setup Services ( Fee : $10 )


Recommended Hosting :
❖ Contabo.com
❖ interserver.net
❖ boostedhost.com ( DMCA Ignored )
❖ ultahost.com ( DMCA Ignored )
❖ warez-host.com ( DMCA Ignored )
❖ alexhost.com ( DMCA Ignored )
❖ qloudhost.com ( DMCA Ignored )


❖ VPS Servers Ubuntu System
❖ Location : UK, Amsterdam, German, Singapor
❖ Disk : NVME SSD
❖ Dedicated IP Address
❖ CPU : 4 Cores
❖ RAM : 6 GB
Notes :
Free Script Installation Service ( First Install is Free )
Does Not Include Setup Service ( Setup Fees : $10 )
Frontend :
❖ Premium Area without ads (removes ads from the entire site)
❖ HTML5 Video Player with multiple formats
❖ Trailer Mode (users can watch 30 seconds and then are required to pay to watch the entire video)
❖ Account Sharing Protection (based on the IP, you can define how many users from the same IP can use the same account)
❖ Downloads (users can download full videos after paying)
Backend :
❖ Configure payment options
❖ Manage Payments
❖ Manage Subscription Packages
❖ Manage Payment Processors
❖ Mark videos as premium
Payment Options :
❖ Subscription - users can buy timed membership (you can create your subscription packages directly in the administration
❖ panel, for example 30 days subscription)
❖ Pay Per View - users can buy credits and use the credits to watch content, pricing can be set as following Flat Price - every video ❖ will have the same price
❖ Price Per Content - you can set a price per each second of content, video prices will be calculated using the second price and the ❖ duration of the video
Payment Processors :
❖ Coinpayments (crypto, Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, more than 20 coins supported)
❖ CCBILL (credir cards)
❖ Zombaio (credit cards)
❖ Epoch (credit cards and Paypal)
❖ Payfast
❖ Paypal (for non-adult sites
❖ SMSCoin (for SMS messages payments)
Video Sync/ Downloader :
❖ Configure username, privacy, orientation (auto-detect supported), models (auto-detect supported) and status for added videos
❖ Search videos and queue videos for downloading
❖ Manage queued videos
Video Graber :
❖ Configure username, privacy, orientation (auto-detect supported), models (auto-detect supported) and status for added videos
❖ Add one video at a time
❖ Queue multiple videos for grabing (mass import)
❖ Setup grabers to import a specified number of videos every day (automatically mass import)
❖ Ignore duplicates
❖ Automatically convert videos to enabled formats and generate video thumbs
❖ Manage queued videos
❖ View currently running import processes
Video HLS :
❖ Enable or disable the HLS functionality
❖ Adaptive Bitrate Selection
❖ Segment Encryption (optional)
❖ Set the number of seconds for the segments
❖ Set the advanced serving settings, like hotlinking protection, ip lock, referer lock or url expire
Server Requirements :​
❖ Linux or Unix Server
❖ Apache, Nginx or Lighttpd Web Server
❖ MySQL or MariaDB >= 5.5 (5.7 MySQL or 10.0.5 MariaDB recommended)
❖ PHP >= 7.2.5, CLI + mod_php or php-fpm or CGI/FastCGI
❖ MySQLi Support
❖ GD2 (with Freetype2) Support
❖ CURL Support
❖ SimpleXML Support
❖ FTP Support
❖ PCRE with UTF8/Unicode Properties
❖ Intl
❖ BCMath
❖ FFMpeg >= 2.8 (with support for libx264, webm and libfdk_aac)
❖ FFProbe and QT-Faststart (both commands come with ffmpeg)
❖ Image Magick convert and composite >= 6.93
Recommended PHP Configuration​ :
❖ safe_mode OFF
❖ open_basedir OFF (or configured to allow ffmpeg/ffprobe/qt-faststart execution)
❖ file_uploads ON
❖ upload_max_filesize >= 100MB
❖ post_max_size >= 100MBM
❖ max_execution_time >= 7200
❖ memory_limit >= 100MB
❖ register_argc_argv ON
❖ exec() function should be allowed
Options PHP Configuration and Extensions​ :
❖ OpCache Extension (improves script execution time, included by default in PHP >= 7.x)
❖ Mbstring Extension (improves multi language and UTF8/Unicode rendering)
❖ Memcache or Memcached Extension (with Memcached server running, used for caching)
Main Features​
Simple Setup
Enter your database details and a few mouse clicks and your website is online and ready in minutes!

Responsive Template
Your website will work on all resolutions, from smartphones to large desktops and Smart TV's.

Support more than 30+ video extensions! Videos are converted to web ready formats (from 240p to 4K)!

Optimized for Speed
Optimized database, efficient caching system and minified css/javascript will make your site very fast!

HTML5 Player
HTML5 Video Player with support for overlay ads, multiple resolutions, speed and progress bar thumbs!

Administration Panel
Full featured and simple control panel! Easily manage your menus, media and advertising entries!

SEO Optimized
SEF URLs, canonical URLs, rel prev/next URLs and unique metas will make your site rank well in search engines!

Secure By Default
Prepared SQL Statements, CSRF Protection, Input Filterting and multiple Captcha integrations!

Multi Language
Multy language (full UTF8/Unicode support), different urls for languages and automatic language translation in admin!

Modular Design
Supported modules: video, photo, channel, profile, model, categories and forums! Enable/disable from admin!

Start small and grow as needed! Multi-server architecture (and separate conversion server) included by default!

Monetization Galore
30+ advertising positions, player overlay ads, VAST/VPAID ads, separate mobile advertising and easy popup/messenger ads management!

Social Enhancements
User profiles, activity feed, friends, subscribing, rating, favorites, playlists and comments replies/rating!

Media Management
Easy video uploads via Web Upload, Embed, FTP Upload, CSV Upload, XML Feeds Importing and Video Graber!

Video Previews
Users can preview videos via rotating thumb animations or short HTML5 video previews!

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Version 3.4.5
Category PHP Script
Release date 2024-12-05
Latest update 2024-12-05
Included files Php, Html, Css, Js, Json, Mysql, MariaDB
Compatible browsers Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge
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High resolution Yes
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