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Amazon Drive - Video Player & Download Links, helps you to stream video files stored on Amazon Drive in a fully customizable way, you will have full control over the player.


Payment Available Via PayPal - Buy Now


NOTE : code can be customized or changed, no code is hidden, No Encrypted Scripts


Default Protected Unlock

  • Protected Unlock : amazondrive

Support Hosting Packages

  1. Share Hosting
  2. Cloud Hosting


  1. Support Links : Only Amazon Drive
  2. Add Logo / Watermark
  3. Custom Icon Control Bar
  4. Change Skins Color
  5. Subtitle Support : VTT & SRT
  6. Video Quality : Automatic HD
  7. Video Player Available Only : JWPlayer 8+
  8. Available : Playback Rate
  9. Ad Vast Video Available : VAST Ad (Skip Ad)
  10. Available Add Subtitles : Add Single/ Multiple Subtitles
  11. Custom Download Links
  12. Security Protect Page
  13. Custom Thumbnail  or Poster
  14. Generate Thumbnails : Using TMDB And IMDB
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Item details
Version 1.1
Category Php Script
Release date 2023-10-23
Latest update 2023-10-23
Included files Css, Php, Html, JS, Json, Ajax
Compatible browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Opera
Comments 0
High resolution Yes
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